Gabby’s Projects

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today”

Tim Fargo

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Gabby’s Projects:

Morobe Development Foundation Inc. Blog Posts:

The Kamiali Wildlife Management Area

Runoff Water Quality in the Bumbu Watershed, Papua New Guinea- MDF Research

Water Quality and Sanitation in Papua New Guinea

Forest Deforestation and Degradation in Papua New Guinea – Issue, Assessment and Solutions

Rising Sea Levels in Papua New Guinea – A Brief Overview

Papua New Guinea Mining: Place, Space, Power and Projects

The Current Gender Based Violence (GBV) Situation in Papua New Guinea

Cameroon Association of Active Youths Initiatives:

Christmas Fundraiser for Children in Cameroon

Support Internally Displaced Persons in Cameroon

Face Masks for Cameroon

Speeches/ Interviews:

My Virtual Graduation Speech

Interview with Michelle Ngome (Support IDPs- CAMAAY)

Interview with Nancy Konjo (Support IDPs – CAMAAY)

#Africaisbleeding Panelist (Hosted by National African American Alliance Network)


The Life of Frank Armstrong

The Life of Frank Armstrong Blog:

Birthday Fundraisers:

Gabby’s Birthday Fundraiser

$260 CAD on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

$260 CAD in Northwest Cameroon

Honours Thesis:

Ayahuasca Use Throughout Time: A Literature Review (Anthropology Honour’s Thesis)

Ayahuasca Use: An Overview

Volunteering on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua