$260 CAD on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

View of Concepción Volcano at Sunset – Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Funds raised from my birthday fundraiser in January 2020 have been used to not only help communities in Cameroon but also schools on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua. I am happy to say that $260 CAD has been donated to two schools on the island. The money definitely went a long way, and I am grateful for those who donated and those on Ometepe Island who helped me organize fundraiser purchases and the delivery of items. Below I have included information about these two schools and the items purchased.

Escuela el Madroñal

2,960 C$ (Nicaraguan Cordobas) were sent to Escuela el Madroñal on Ometepe Island to purchase face masks, sanitizing gel, hand towels, soap, bleach, a bucket and a white board. A special thank you to Guiddel Cajina for helping me organize this!

La Escuelita los Ramos

3,800 C$ have been used to provide cleaning supplies, notebooks and pencils to La Escuelita Los Ramos on Ometepe Island. A special thank you to Miguel Lopez for picking up and delivering the supplies. Also a special thank you to Flor de Maria Aleman Jaenz and Fidel Aleman.

Once again a huge thank you to those who donated:

Jennifer Krausewitz, Jenny Greidanus, Irene Galea, Marina Chavarría Alvarez, Glenn Williamson, Hayley Preece, Victoria Kay, Johanna Krebs, Sharon & Andy Hockin, Caroline Boccia, Jenna Lehocki, Vikram Sainadh, Amanda Reynolds, Haiden Vollebregt, Eve Moss, Karlee Vizi, Brian and Ann-Marie Fernandez, Paul and Christine Richardson.

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