Gabby’s Birthday Fundraiser


This year for my birthday (on January 23rd) I have decided to create a fundraiser for two causes I have personally supported and care about immensely. Funds donated will be divided equally between supporting projects and activities to help school children and women in Cameroon, and providing school supplies to children on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua. I will personally oversee the use of donations for both causes.

Funds raised for Cameroon will be donated to the “Cameroon Association of Active Youths” (CAMAAY). I have been Resource Person for CAMAAY since August 2019. This is a non-profit, grassroots organization that works in the North and North-West regions of Cameroon. If you do not know, Cameroon is a country in western Africa currently undergoing a serious political crisis. Safety, food security, education and economic opportunities have been threatened while poverty is on the rise. Read more about CAMAAY’s projects at the following website link: and check out their Instagram page: . Funds donated will reach the local population directly and make a difference!

Funds raised for schools on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua will be used to buy school supplies. My sister and I taught English to students at Escuela el Madroñal last July-August and this is something we will always remember and will try to continue doing in the future. Ometepe is a second home for my family and I and we have donated and tried to supply as many school supplies as we could over the years.

If you could donate anything, ANYTHING at all towards these two great causes it would be much appreciated not only by me, but by people in Cameroon and young students on Ometepe Island! Click on the GoFundMe link if you would like to donate.

Click here to head to the fundraiser page!

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