I’m Back

Well, it sure has been a while. Looks like I left everyone hanging after my post about My First Month in Copenhagen, along with a brief gallery of Superkilen park. But yes, after a few months, I have returned home and to the blog.

My exchange semester in Copenhagen was certainly one of the most interesting and life fulfilling experiences I have had so far. Copenhagen is a great city as I have mentioned, easy to get around especially by bike. It gives off a clean cut and modern representation of European life. I was lucky enough to have family friends in Copenhagen who acquainted me with suburban Copenhagen life and Danish traditions surrounding birthdays and smørrebrød. We even ventured outside of the city to Møn’s Klint. But, you’ll hear about that in an overall “Denmark” post.

Although Copenhagen holds a sweet spot in my travel memory file, through the duration of my exchange I found Danes extremely reserved and not very inclusive of foreigners. This personal experience I had while trying to figure out Danish culture ultimately was reflected by the general election that took place this past June. The Social Democrats took lead of the country on a platform based on strengthening the welfare state and anti-immigrant/ immigration control ideas and beliefs. I guess the reserved and exclusive nature of Danish culture did not run well with my true Canadian welcoming and multicultural blood. But that’s all part of travelling. Places can be interesting, amazing, but also make you realize how lucky (or unlucky) you are to come from your home country.

Aside from Copenhagen and a few other places in Denmark, I was lucky enough to have visited several other countries over these past 5 months. Each place was unique, but the friends I made added more to the experience than I could have ever imagined. Popping over to Aarhus, Denmark for a weekend with pals from residence, heading to Hamburg for a weekend with a friend, taking the train to Malmo, Sweden for lunch one day, being invited to a cottage in the Swedish countryside, visiting my second home and best friends on Ometepe Island in April, flying to Switzerland for the weekend with a Canadian friend to visit our Swiss friend, taking a hot and relaxing trip to Split, Croatia with two other girls from my building… and then finally travelling around with Adrianna for about a week, hitting Berlin, Prague and Vienna. Phew, those were some of the highlights.

The first blog to be released in the next few days will be Switzerland. It was easily one of my favourite places.

View from the top of Stockhorn Mountain (Bern, Switzerland)

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  1. ptrcarp says:

    Awesome intro, looking forward to the rest!

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